Not One, Not Two, But THREE!

October 2015 we got the shock of our lifetime. As many couples do, our journey began with a digital pregnancy test. I sat and waited and WOW, that result came up fast. Sure enough, it read “pregnant.” Kody and I were ecstatic. Holy smokes, we are having a baby!

Victoria Buursma- Pregnancy Blog

Before being provided an ultrasound I was sent for bloodwork to verify. Sure enough, my body detected Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and my doctor wanted me to complete one follow up test in a couple days to make sure my amounts were rising. It was expected that my amount should double over the next couple days which supports a successful pregnancy. Well, after my second poke my numbers were rising but they didn’t double. They quadrupled! This was the first sign that something surprising may be in our future.

My first ultrasound was filled with anxiety. We were expecting to be told we are pregnant with twins based off of my HCG number. Sure enough, two gestational sacs are seen on that little ultrasound screen and we couldn’t believe it. We were having twins! While at the appointment Kody asked, “okay, so if any eggs were to split they would have already correct?” “Yes” replied the tech. We were filled with excitement and terror but it’s okay, there is two of us, two of them. We got this! We immediately told our parents and grandparents the exciting news but it doesn’t end there.

Victoria Buursma- Pregnancy Blog

We head back to our next ultrasound appointment but this time we get to see the heartbeats! As I laid there on the table, Kody was sitting across from me and unable to see the ultrasound screen clearly. Only I had an up-close view from my position. As the tech works her way through the procedure she gets very quiet. At first, I’m panicking internally thinking something must be wrong but then I look closely at the screen. She is moving the camera back and forth very slowly. As she does so I notice a slight shadow behind one of the babies. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s this split second it starts to register what I may be seeing. “Is that what I think it is?” I ask. The tech turns to me and says…

“You’re not going to believe this but there is another one.”

Victoria Buursma- Pregnancy Blog

I turn to Kody, he’s as white as a ghost. I for sure thought he was about to pass out. Kody says to the tech “I thought you said they couldn’t split!” I just couldn’t help myself, I started laughing. Of course, there is one more! I was not surprised at all. Why you may ask?

My dad is a triplet! Growing up I joked continuously that I would be the one to have triplets because it skips a generation. Everyone in my family joked it would be me. Heck, even when Kody and I started dating I warned him of the possibility. But the fact that it happened without the help of IVF blew my mind!

I was actually pregnant with not one, not two, but three babies! A first-time mom to TRIPLETS!

Victoria Buursma- Pregnancy Blog

Now you may be wondering why they didn’t detect all three babies early on. Josie, Rosie and Ellie are Di-Chorionic Tri-Amniotic triplets meaning they each had their own amniotic sac but two shared an gestational sac. Ultimately, I had two placentas and that is what was shown early on, before the actual heartbeats could be detected. In simple terms, I made two eggs and one split and SHAZAM, we have Josie, Rosie and Ellie!

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